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– WarPack – configuring and using mods.

  1. You need to go to the description page. Click here. 
  2. On this page there are 2 buttons of payment.
  3. Decide with life time license key. 
  4. Press pay key.
  5. Then You get to the shopping cart page.  Click proceed to payment.
  6. After you have clicked “proceed to payment”, you will see the following:

    In the Name field type your name.
    In the field “Email address” enter the correct e-mail. It will be sent the activation key and installer mods.
    In the “notes” you can specify your suggestions, reviews and other information.
    After filling the data, click “PAY”
  7. Next you will be taken to the payment page , where you can pay for the activation key.
  8. After successful payment, your account will be sent an email with an activation key and link to download the program and detailed instructions on running.
    After successful payment you will be redirected to your “my account”( there you can find the activation key, links to download and instructions)
Not receive a letter by email with the order. What to do?

It happens that sometimes emails fall under the filter and sent to the “SPAM” folder. Check your email client SPAM / junk folder. If you don’t find email from us in the SPAM / junk folder, then contact us in any convenient way, which is listed on the contact page to resolve the issue.

Installing Warpack

After download Warpack in a private office we pass to the installation process:
Run the file WarPack
Select the installation language.
Specify the drive and directory where you want to install WarPack
(default is C:\WarPack), then click “Next”
In the last step verify the correctness of filling out the settings, which were made in the previous steps, and depending on their compliance with VA-PWM requirements please click install to start the installation or “Back” if you think of something missed or said wrong.
After you install WarPack, You will be asked to run and visit the program site on the Internet. Specify the desired action and click “Finish” to exit the installation program.

First run and setup of the program warpack.

Running the program first time, you must enter the registration information (license Key) and specify the path to the client World Of Tanks (see figure 1).
Next you need to specify the path to the game folder and select the file WorldOfTanks.exe (see figure 2).
Please note – not WOTLauncher, and WorldOfTanks.exe!

After entering all necessary data will be only left to click on to Run World Of Tanks to start the game.
Once you click on this button starts the game client.
The game will minimize and a window will appear authorization warpack.
You will need to expand the game and enter the hangar.
Binding to be carried out by first entering the game
After loading all the mods at the top left you will see the menu button WarPack

WarPack mod is using

Video – how to run WarPack

After entering the game, after some time (depends on the speed of Your network connection) loaded fashion and under the button “Menu” will appear the button “WARPACK”. (see picture)


Clicking on it You will go to settings window WarPack (see figure).

To enable a mod, you need to put a tick next to the name of the mod, to disable is to remove.
Since not all the WarPack mods are allowed, then before you take a screenshot of the hangar, you want to hide the button “WARPACK”.
To disable/enable the button “WARPACK” is used in Combinat-tion of the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W on your keyboard

Not working autoshut goals

If auto-aim was no longer to capture the objective — you lost hotkey for capture. Open settings auto-aim Vanga and set your desired hotkey.

Settings auto-aim Vanga.


Approximate settings avtopritsel Vanga :
Frequency calculation:
Fires only for the purposes that move.
The quicker we move the goal, the more will be calculated in advance.
The value is the number of counts / sec.

Search vulnerable points:
Works only for purposes that are in place.
Aiming at the weak spots.
Also consider the location of the modules.

Ignoring caterpillars:
Only works when the target is standing still.
Exclude caterpillars from the list walimah points.
Does NOT work if not activated the setting “Search for vulnerable spots”

Smooths the jerks of sight:
Allows smooth to sight, which reduces the scatter.
Affects adjustment when pre-emption, which affects when shooting at fast moving targets. In the future it may be fixed.

Preemption for vulnerable points:
Eksperimentalna feature.
In order to solve the problem of finding vulnerable points of the enemy who moves slowly. For example goes back and forth.
Enable at your own risk

Not take into account screens:
If you, for example, on Arte, you the idea is more important just to hit the enemy.
Turns off the screens when searching for vulnerable points.
Small “secret”:
Pressing ALT, target on the tank won’t work.
If the target is already locked, pressing ALT wherever you move the cursor, pressing the lock-on will reset the current target.

General tips for using fashion:
The first thing to remember is that the mod is intended to replace the manual guidance in those cases where you “once”.
You ARTICLE twist the cord, and you are important to fit into corners, so as not to get under his gun, than to get into it.
You “dilute” the enemy for a shot, and try to shoot.
You quickly eat to the edge of the cliff, the enemy is also going somewhere, and you want to get into it… Epic moment when you’re in flight, kill the enemy and die from hitting the ground for a second before the arrival of a shell from arty
The second thing to be remembered is that the mod is not able to make strategic decisions. Specifically, for example, to put on the track it will not.
The third thing to be remembered is that the pre-emption suffers from packet loss and ping spikes.
And last: if you can safely take aim at the enemy – just do it.

The indicator of penetration:

disabled by default, and I do not advise to include those who are not very experienced user of Vanga.
basically need in order to understand whether or not Wang’s point of penetration or not. In addition, it shows whether there is an opportunity to break through the armor at point of impact.
You need to consider:
1) the hit Point is taken in a straight line, and the bullets don’t always fly in a straight line. (the error of the angle of penetration)
2) Any obstacles are ignored, even other tanks.
3) “Broneprobitiem” projectile spread has a 25% (maybe not for all shells, but mostly 25%). (“How not broke? OO And that’s not broke.”)

Manual installation point lead:

Allows you to select a point which Wang will heal.
If the target is already captured, the aiming point will move in your chosen area.
If the target was not captured, Paysage target acquisition, and aiming point will be the one that was specified by you.

Good to know:

Pressing ALT, target on the tank won’t work.
If the target is already locked, pressing ALT wherever you move the cursor, pressing the lock-on will reset the current target.


Key setting
1.change key client avtopritsel , in game settings with RMB, to any other.
2. in the settings of warpac, set the key lock Wang for RMB without CTRL

Settings - Aim Assist Achilles

Key setting
1.change key client avtopritsel , in game settings with RMB, to any other.
2. in the settings of warpac, set the key lock Wang for RMB without CTRL



Warpack injection error

Corrected so:
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
Opens the task Manager
Click the processes tab
Find WorldOfTanks.exe
Click on that process right click
To complete the process.

What information is transmitted to the server Warpack when you work with the program?
On the server Warpack is transmitted only unique identifier user La to check the validity of the current key of the user of the product. Mail and the password hash is not readable, do not use, do not store.
Is it possible to freeze the key?

No, you cannot.

If the game closes when you start Warpack

Run the game through its shortcut, log in the game and already in the garage turn the game into the tray and run the pack.
Waiting for download mods.
The most important thing: do Not just press “To battle” or click the tanks, we just need to wait 1-2 minutes

Warpack will work with third-party assemblies or a separate mod.

Stable operation of the game client stable and working Warpack , is guaranteed only in the case when the client of the game “clean” , i.e. without third-party modifications.
All additional third-party modifications which can disrupt customer and Warpack – you are installing at your own risk.

Hotkeys Warpack
The Ctrl+Alt+W – visual display settings some modifications in battle

The Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W – show / hide button the show the menu Warpack in the hangar

Where to download Warpack?

Download Warpack, you will be able after the purchase activation key for 7 or 31 days in a private office. So the download link will be sent to your e-mail.