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Warpack is a mods for Tanks

spacemonkey_64Warpack is a unique, new invention in the game world of tanks from the team that has successfully developed a "cheat mods". In warpac included such citeria fashion as "Avto-aim Vanga" and "auto-aim Achilles", which allow you to shoot with automatic prefetch, do take into account the angle of the bounce and vytselivat weakly punctured space of the tank of the opponent. Currently the cheat is fully functional without bans, etc.

Cyber-Tank — bot for Tanks

spacemonkey_64"Cyber tank" is a bot-a software for automated leveling game currency (silver), skills of the crew and of course experience for the study of technology in the game World of Tanks.

Bot sold at a certain number of fights. It is possible to subscribe to 150, and 1500 battles. Pay for the key "Cyber tank" you can on the developer's site by using different payment methods.


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